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Sensor for Detection of Chemical Agents Made of Co-Doped SnO2

Aroutiounian, V.M. and Arakelyan, V.M and Aleksanyan, M.S. and Sayunts, A.G. and Shahnazaryan, G.E. and Vrnata, M. and Fitl, P. and Viček, J. and Gharajyan, K.S. and Kasparyan, H.S. (2017) Sensor for Detection of Chemical Agents Made of Co-Doped SnO2. Armenian Journal of Physics, 10 (3). pp. 122-127. ISSN 1829-1171

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SnO2+2at.% Co gas sensitive thin films with different thicknesses were deposited on alumina substrates and on the Multi-Sensor-Platforms by the rf magnetron sputtering method using SnO2 doped with 2 at.% Co ceramic target prepared by us. Palladium catalytic particles and interdigital gold contacts (when the alumina substrate was used) were deposited by ion beam sputtering method on the surface of the sensing layers. The response of semiconductor films to dichloroethane, dichloromethane, dimethylformamide, propylene glycol, sarin and yperit vapors was measured at different operating temperatures. It was found that the SnO2 doped with 2 at.% Co sensor with film thickness of 160 nm has high response to different concentrations of above mentioned chemical agents.

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